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In 1992 Ross Perot made his famous “Giant Sucking Sound” phrase, had he made the same phrase 24 years later he would be describing how horrible this election is going. We are in a period of where we are between a rock and a hard place. We are no longer allowed to pick among the two best candidates that each party has to offer. We only have two professional cons for candidates. On the eve of the second presidential debate I have decided to give my point of view on the two different presidential nominees.

In one corner we have a business man who has flip-flopped between more parties than (as my mom would say) Carter has liver spots. He obtained four different student deferments to keep him out of the Vietnam War while he went to college from 1964 to 1968. He had been classified fit yet he was for a small period classified unfit due to calcium build up in his heel. He later would be given reprieve from it all due to being given a high number so he could avoid the war all together.

His son had stated that when his dad had started out he had next to nothing. If having over a net worth of over $200,000 by the time you graduate college means that you have next to nothing than I should be graduating as a millionaire not as a poor college bound veteran.

While he fights against immigration he had over 200 undocumented workers working on his famous building. While he stated that he didn’t know that there were undocumented workers there because he rarely visited the site sends up a yellow flag in my eyes. You mean to tell me that the owner of a $100 million (at the time of building) building would never know who was working on such a big project let alone rarely visit the site? Granted the undocumented workers were paid more than minimum wage at the time and were living on the site doesn’t mean he was oblivious to everything going on.

In the late 80’s and the early 90’s he would lose controlling ownership of multiple businesses ranging from casinos to airlines due to bankruptcy. Yet we are told that he is our only hope to have a balance budget. We are told that a man that is that is involved in multiple lawsuits, jokes about bankruptcy laws, and truly doesn’t know what it is like in today’s economic downtrodden times is going to be one of the best presidents we will have.

Yes he is chauvinist when it comes to dealing with members of the opposite sex, race and religious views. He has shown the entire world just how much of joke the citizens, representatives, as well as the entire election process of the United States is. At his events we have shown the entire world how bad our bigotry actually is. While we may have had a chance to show the world that we are bigger than the way they perceive us, it has gone out the door with yesterday’s trash. We have shown the world that we are just as ignorant as ever.

On the other hand we have a person who has been living in the limelight just as much as her counterpart has been. She may have brought her name out before she was married, it wasn’t until her husband was governor that she would be able to start her own political aspects.

In 1978 her husband and she joined two acquaintances to invest a couple hundred thousand dollars in a land development. A couple of years later she would get a loan from one of the acquaintances who just happens to own a bank at the time. Then federal regulators would begin to question how stable her acquaintances group of banks actually are. During the mid-80’s there would be a fund-raising event to help pay back the loan her husband had acquired during his re-election.  Investigators would later find that the acquaintance had taken money from depositor funds.

Later on the same acquaintance would borrow over $300,000 from a computer owned by a former judge. During the same year he would receive federal funds from the Small Business Administration to help fund disadvantaged business owners. Later on during an investigation into his bank they would find that millions of dollars would be lent out to political figures instead.

A couple of years later our infamous political figure would be requesting the destruction of her acquaintances land contract files. She then would ask him to give her power of attorney so she could sell off the remaining lots of land that they had invested in. She would also use the same power of attorney to help clear up some bank obligations. The government would end up helping her associate by bailing out his bank to the tune of $60 million.

Prior to her husband’s presidency they would be investigated as “potential beneficiaries” of their associate’s illegal activities. Throughout the first couple years of her husband’s presidency there would be “suicide” of a deputy counsel, important documents missing from offices, those same documents “mysteriously” reappearing, and hundreds of associates subpoenaed by Congress and Grand Jury. By the end of her husband’s term dozens of their associates had been jailed, fined, or put on probation of some sort. Our infamous political figure would be subpoenaed multiple times to testify about her involvement in the illegal activities and funds stemming from their involvement.

There would be more issues involving both of them while being in the White House. Her husband’s infidelity would cause her to go on the defense stating that the allegations against him were false. When more women came forward alleging that they had sexual relations with him, she would go on the offense by digging through their lives so they could be discredited.

In 2000 she would become a senator from New York. We are told how she voted “NO” during controversial events. Yet she voted “YES” both times on the USA Patriot Act as well as the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. She would even co-introduced legislation to increase the size of the US forces in Iraq. In less than ten years she would say that she had it all wrong with her voting, yet nothing about the legislation she had co-introduced.

In 2007 she would begin her first bid for the presidency in which she would be criticized about her past controversial voting. She would also criticize NAFTA (North American Fair Trade Agreement), a major agreement, which had been a major legacy of her husband’s presidency. She would lie about being under sniper fire while visiting troops in 1996. She would go on to lose this first bid for the presidency.

She would become Secretary of State under the President whom she just lost to. During the first couple years in office she would have a great working relationship with the President. The next couple years there would be internal deliberations in the President’s circle of advisors. The first issue would be going after public enemy #1 Osama bin Laden. She argued that they should go after him even if he was in a country that was one of our allies. Yes it did succeed with no loss to our men on the ground yet it put strained relations between the two countries.

She would become the first US Secretary of State to visit the country of Burma since 1955. During the Syrian Civil War she would plan with the CIA director to arm and train vetted groups of Syrian rebels in which the President would reject. At this time in Libya a consulate would be asking for more security to help them during the civil war that was going on at the time. Any correspondence from the consulate would be largely ignored as well as any security beef up. The consulate would be attacked later on. During the attack the Ambassador would be asking for help only to have the planes sitting on the tarmac being told that they are not allowed to help. The planes would have made it there in time to help rescue the men on the ground but were told to stand down. In the end we would have lost 4 Americans while the administration would be unscathed.

She has a non-government, privately maintained server, which was located in an apartment bathroom, on which contained e-mails ranking from Confidential to Classified. She states that she had never received or sent Classified material, yet 110 e-mails had been determined to contain such headings. She would even use the same server while she was overseas in countries that don’t really care about us. She would be cleared of all charges dealing with this issue 24 hours after the US Attorney General would “accidently” bump into our infamous political figure’s husband at an airport. The Attorney General would invite him up to her plane for conversation that lasted for over 30 minutes.

So we want somebody who has lied on multiple occasions, destroyed documents, hiding important evidence, as well as holding back our military from helping our assets when they are needed to be our next President?

WAKE UP AMERICA! We are screwed during the election, we put ourselves in a corner where we cannot get out of. We do have choice on who we vote for, but we have shown that we cannot choose a decent candidate.  Yes we want America to be great again but we are going the wrong way of doing it. We will fail between the two choices we have now and we will blame each other when in the end it is all our faults.

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